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The power of YaaS (SAP Hybris as a Service)

In the past few years it has become clearer and clearer that solutions and services will no longer be successfully achieved by one solution that we know today. And yet, service providers and vendors have come to expect seamless solutions and interactions for their particular service and line of business – meaning no flaws or errors at any point on the admin nor on the user side.

Microservices are a new paradigm for software architecture. One approach is that these small services in separated components take the place of large applications. Or they optimize large applications for the special business and technical requirements (scaling, performance, etc.). This way monolithic architecture can be avoided or customized exactly how the service provider or vendor needs it, and systems are easily scalable and adaptable.

This will catapult these businesses and what SAP and SAP Hybris have to provide into a new era of digital connectivity. And SAP Hybris is ready !

SAP Hybris as a Service (Y…