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B2B - Collaborative Decision-making

It’s clear sales at all is becoming more complex – most of my clients and colleagues are just thinking about B2C when I mention topics like social shopping and collaborative decision making – but don’t miss the fact that if we are talking about B2B market buying decisions there is in general no sole responsibility of one person.

The steps of a B2B purchase process (cross-company or cross-departmental) concisely said are …
Recognizing that the company has a need that can be solved by purchasing a good or serviceDescribing and quantifying the needSearch for qualified vendorsSending each vendor a request for proposalEvaluating of the submitted proposals of the vendorsNegotiating or renegotiate of offersSelecting one or more vendorsDefining and establishing an order routineConducting a postpurchase evaluation and feedback to the vendors
and these steps will vary whether the buyer is a
First purchaserDaily buyerPeriodic buyerRecurrentResellerBulk buyer

If we talk about personalization and t…