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Simplicity is not the goal

Where ever you are - where ever someone is talking about design – very soon someone will bring up the word simplicity – or this or that has to be simple – or no touch or low touch design – or they say every information has to be just one or two clicks away. But what does simple means?

I think we agree that simple stands for easily understood or done; presenting no difficulty to use - "a simple solution" and it stands for plain, basic, or uncomplicated in form, nature, or design; without much decoration or ornamentation. Users can always tell when something is simple, but can rarely articulate why it is simple. Because simplicity is inherently subjective, achieving it is pretty delicate.

Regarding the utility and usability better adjective as the following are for sure better …

Uncomplicatednot overwhelmingnot complex
… but as you can see these are all negative adjectives? The only way to phrase it positive is simple or perhaps logical but the word simple is too fussy and al…

Head-up displays (HUD) much more than nice features - part 3

HUD visors for motorcycle helmets are still very much in its prototype stage, even that the Skully AR1 (, Reevu MSX1 ( are available - they are all just first steps - but as I mentioned in my last post - I firmly believe that we have to grow and collect experience with these interfaces.

Screenshot of the Visor view

I already mentioned BMW's approach - here is a video by BMW.

This video gives us an idea what could be possible in the near future. In essence, the HUD helmet integrates your usual dash equipment with smart technology, offering you access to things like your GPS, your mobile phone and a whole host of other functions that you can access, control and observe in front of your very eyes.

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Innovative Ideas for Retail - Smart Fitting Room

SAP is well known as a German multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations but we do much more. For instance innovative applications for the cloud and retail like the Smart Fitting Room - we develop it together with Hybris which is a subsidiary of SAP.

Smart Fitting Room is specially designed for fitting rooms at retail stores. It uses RFID technology and a touch screen to improve the customer shopping experience at retail stores.

By RFID it detects the clothes’ tags taken by customers into each fitting room. This information is displayed on an UI in the fitting room. This touch screen interface allows the customer to get more information about the product he took in to the fitting room – allows him to ask for another size or color or an additional fitting product without leaving the fitting room, and by recommending complementary products for cross-selling purposes.

Business benefits
Improves the customer shop…

Head-up displays (HUD) much more than nice features - part 2

You may have read my former post or another article about existing “heads-up displays” (HUDs) or upcoming technology for cars or motorcycle helmets, where information is projected onto the windshield or visor as you drive.

Most often these system display speed and other technical information of the vehicle. And also they show you information of communication and messaging systems - in coming calls, emails or social media. Site note from myself at that point - in a car I would be to a certain degree fine with such information but in general when I ride my bike - as time changed and perhaps I got old :-) I love to focus on riding and listening to the sound of my 103 cubic inch HD V-Twin engine ;-) - but back to HUDs ...

The scope of possible helpful information is long related to …

... vehicle:

speedtire pressureoil temperature and levelsselected gearand fuel leveland other dashboard components

... trip:

navigational assistancelegal speed limittraffic conditionsroad construction sites


Alternative and Online Dispute Resolution (ADR/ODR) - New EU rules up from 2016

Up from January 9th 2016, all retailers in the European Union need to prominently state that customers can exercise new dispute resolution rights.

Retailers have to provide a link to the EU website explaining these rights, and state whether the store opts in or opts out of the EU scheme. But currently this page do not exist ;-)
The ODR platform will be operational on 9 January 2016 and made accessible in stages. It will become accessible to consumers and traders on 15 February 2015 under:

A few back ground infornation about ADR and ODR
In case a customer has a problem with a retailer regarding a product or service they can clear it up through an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) or online dispute resolution (ODR) procedure.

Retailers are able to specify which ADR provider(s) they want to use, but an ADR clause can’t be binding for consumers. ADR can be either mandatory or voluntary, but in countries where it’s mandatory for retailers, the consumer will likel…