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Let's tears down the wall between the digital and physical world

20 years we called it ‘on air’ today ‘cloud’ – I don’t care about names, phases or buzzwords – I care about people, human beings making their live easy and simple.

Here is a great solution by Demodern founded and driven among others by great former colleagues.

For years and years, motion controls have held a persistent place in our visions of the future. We’ve watched the super heroes, future scientists, and aliens control digital interfaces with just a wave of their hands. We’ve been fascinated by these powerful, natural, and intuitive interactions; imagining what it would be like to have that power at our own fingertips. Now it’s the time to experience it in live, business, retail, spare time, sport and and and  - Envision is a great example / solution which tears down the wall between the digital and physical world. - Enjoy !

Nike Digital Retail Experience from Demodern on Vimeo.

IOT more than a single idea ...

Internet of Things is far beyond than a single idea or technology. It is rather a new paradigm that involves a wide set of technologies, applications, and visions. IOT from my view is where physical objects are seamlessly integrated into the information network, where reality becomes virtual and virtuality becomes real , and where it can become active part in live and business.

Today I like to share with you a speech from Andrea Krajewski at ThingsCon 2015 in Berlin.
Andrea is an industrial designer, speaker and blogger. She is a professor for the Design of Interactive Media Systems at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt. She was my first manager, became a great colleague and mentor for me.

I still use and like the expression UX ( ) but we have to keep in mind that we are humans and that we have to take into account this human and not only his ro…

Thinking outside the box – seeing things different and to see the bigger picture

Thinking outside the box – seeing things different and to see the bigger picture and not to be restricted in one's thinking is crucial for designers. And to be honest I learned a lot by thinking different for my job and my live. I studied architecure and city planning and I work in both job until I switched to the new media – but I still make use of the things I learned and practiced. And in my spare time I worked and trained horses and sleddogs and became vice world cup champion. And I am happy to become acquainted with Temple Grandin …

We can learn a lot of understand what surounds us – even animals - Chris Packham and BBC explored the remarkable ways animals use their senses. Focusing on dogs, he discovers how their powerful sense of smell creates a bizarre alternative reality. He explored the minds of the cleverest animals on the planet, discovered the astonishing abilities of the best, and most unlik…

AGV Visor goes from dark to clear at the push of a button

Since a few weeks I own my first motorcycle helmet with LCD display from AGV. OK it's still no HUD - but it's a very first tiny step.
The Italian helmet maker AGV has unveiled a new motorcycle helmet visor that can go from dark to clear instantly.

In this video I will show show you the new visor from AGV. It uses LCD technology. The extrem thin LCD foil is stuck to the inner visor's surface. The switch button is on the left of the visor.
If you push the button the visor darken to a similar level as we konw it from black racing visors. Pressing the switch button again and the visor instantly return to clear.

AGV says the battery power lasts for about 12 hours in dark mode and my experience up to now are about 10 hours, I tested over night ;-) The batterie is recharged via a micro USB port. If the battery runs out the visor switch automatically to clear.
The AGVisor recharges in about 2hrs , has anti-fog features, and can be fitted to AGV’s Pista GP, Corsa and GT Veloce. In…