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Challenges of Omni-Channel Retail

Customer expectations are continually increasing as consumers get more experience and much more important more acquaintance to services such as free accelerated supply or capabilities e.g. availability in a local store (next to my current location or to my hometown address) reserve online and option to pick it up in my local store or the store of my next trip.
Features and services that looked as if it was game-changing yesterday are quickly becoming the commonplace as consumers expect these raised standards of service.
Retailers must constantly prove, reconsider and update their omni-channel strategy to innovate and make their mark with in customer experience, rather than constantly trying to catch up with what their more agile competitors have already done.

In few previous articles I wrote a lot about the consumer facing issues and aspect – But if we talk nowadays about retail in the omni-channel-commerce world, all what you do is like a castle in the air if it is not based on a so…

Faceted navigation on

Faceted search, also called faceted navigation or faceted browsing on ...

Or did you know that also provides a reverse image search?

You can use a image from your PC as your search to find related images.
For instance, if you drag and drop a picture of your favorite sports team, you can find similar images, and sites that include the same picture.

You have 4 ways to search by image
Drag and dropUpload an imageCopy and paste the URL for an imageRight-click an image on the web

Let's get down to brass tacks - bringing online und offline together

Talking about Omni-Channel Commerce ( ) raise the question how can the associate can get the needed information. The store needs something to manage customer engagement business processes for bringing buyers into their local shops, offering an outstanding, unique in-store shopping experience, and keeping the customers coming back for more.

This business process is circular in nature and delivers real business value by optimizing customer relationships to build and raise loyalty, customer spending, store revenue, and boost selling best practices for vendors and assistants. In addition to managing the process, a true in-store customer service application often called clienteling app ( ) allows you to screen and quantify success for continuous improvement.

The opportunities presented by powerful mobile technologies within the local stores will have major impact on the …

UX checklist - user experience tools + design techniques

Today I’d like to share a useful checklist about user experience tools and design techniques ...
 ... by Andrea Soverini.

Each element is linked to articles about the techniques.
By the way this UX checklist would make a good poster for a workspace.

Doctor Who's TARDIS time machine and spacecraft

And now for something completely different - Doctor Who's time machine and spacecraft is placed outside Earl's Court Underground station in London - now you can take a peek inside. Google is allowing anyone to take a look inside using its Street View map.

You start in front of the police telephone box. Click on the cross and hold on as you're swept inside to the Tardis control room.

And now let's visit the time maschine on Google Street View