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Google's Modular Smartphone - Project Ara

smartphones are for sure one of the most empowering mobile devices in our lives - we know our smartphone and our 'constant companion' is indispensable. But what about not only a individual tile collection - what about a individual phone - Have you ever thought about build your own phone ... ?

Just by plug and play - or in other words - by attach and use - ...
Or ask yourself what is when your battery is dead? Or your mobile graphic card is running out of performance? Or you think your camera is too bad or any other part is broken or bad

Soon there might be a solution. Google and Motorola are teaming up to create first modular phone. It will allow you to treat your smartphone as collection of individual peaces. Just like Lego.

Project Ara is the alias for an initiative by Google that aims to develop an open hardware platform for creating highly modular smartphones. Google provides a kind of base plate which holds a whole bunch of removable modules, camera, loudspeaker, processo…

Icon Design - I don't care if you like the icon - I want to know if you understand it

'I don’t care if you like the design! I want to know if you understand the meaning!'
That's a phase I often use. It's a modification of a quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupery: 'I don’t care if you like it! I want to know if you understand it!' (The Little Prince)
I use it again and again because in the first step what we have to keep in mind is that design is no art - art asks questions, while design answers them.
Design has an objective, a task, a purpose ... Design is there to fill a need.
OK in the second step after I saw that my user understood the design and the tiny elements 'icons' - for sure I love it if s/he likes the design. :-)

In my opinion the perception of UPLOADING is to shift something one level higher e.g. to shift a content from a personal source to a more global source (e.g. cloud). The perception of DOWNLOADING is to shift something one down. And finally the perception of SHARING is to shift something on one level to one or more recepti…