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I'm an architect ...

I'm an UX designer. I don't design UIs. I design touch points where people feel good. I don't start a project by sitting down in a quiet office. I sit in the busiest place where I can watch and meet the users. I watch the people. Hear the stories. Smell the scents. Feel the light. I sit there and wait until I understood the needs and aims. Until it nudges me and says, "This is how we'll do it. Exactly like this." I'm an architect, a designer, ... I don't design UIs and push pixel. I design for and with people I design touch points where people feel good.
Inspiration is found wherever you look for it.

As I saw the video for the first time - And I thought that's the way I ever worked and I am still working.

It make no difference whether I worked as an Architect or city and urban planner after my study or later as information architect and now as UX designer.

It's all about understanding the needs, make it simple, easy to get into, c…

Catching somebody's eye and attention - Flight Safety Video - part 2

Each airline is trying hard to make sure it’s customers watch the air safety video - in Germany once a steward was fired because he tried to make it 'better'.

 About one year ago I already wrote about the topic how to catch somebody's attention.

Just three months after pulling a controversial in-flight safety video showing scantly clad Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models blowing into their airline life vests, ...

... Air New Zealand has released another great in-flight safety video featuring the star-studded cast of “Lord of the Rings.”

I would say an "epic" production crammed with marauding Orcs, Elves, Hobbits, Wizards and cameos from Elijah Wood and Peter Jackson.

Air New Zealand and a few other airline understood why and how to think outside the box when it comes to safety videos.

This time Air New Zealand's safety video features several castmembers from Jackson's Hobbit trilogy, including Elijah Wood, Dean O'Gorman and Sylvester McCoy.

Please c…

3 Highlights from the UX Day in Mannheim 2014

If I were British, I might sum up the UX Day on October 23, 2014 in Mannheim by saying it was partly quite good and partly very interesting (see

The event was a double-track conference, so therefore all attendees didn’t share the same conference experience. I can only speak and write from my experience.

The day kicked off at 9:30am and closed at about 6:00pm. Christian Reschke’s welcome and opening remarks and closing comments bookended the day. Three breaks, one in the morning, lunch, and afternoon breaks gave attendees opportunities to network. During my lunch I had the luck to meet a few nice conference members who are working as UX designers at Hornbach, a home improvement chain.

This one-day conference included a choice of over 20 presentations as well as 3 workshops.

It was announced that the conference attendees can learn about best practices for user-centered product development, usability research, and real-world case studies about websi…

Will this be Amazon's Miracle on 34th Street? - Amazon is going to open its first brick-and-mortar store

To be honest for me it's a surprise move of Amazon - the one who critically endangered so many local stores and businesses by its aggressive online business behavior and strategy.

But as I said before e-commerce is and will not killing brick-and-mortar - but it will change the whole understanding and it will be an ongoing process of change. Consumers still, and always will, want a shopping experience where they can touch, feel and play with products before they purchase – particularly when it come to things like fashion - tactile perception and wearing comfort. And we should not forget that even online has changed and increased the experience and expectation of shoppers, research shows again and again that the customers still love the convenience and services that come with shopping items in-person. And the vendors should never forget, giving customers a great in store shopping experience and service and even it's just a pick-up service and the local vendor and the local sa…