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Improving your 404 pages – Creating well-made Error Pages

If we talk about error message at all you should keep one simple rule in mind - Provide an error message that is clear and easy to understood in no time.
‘If your user can’t find it, s/he can’t use it, buy it or whatever’
Turn your 404 pages into opportunities..  Sending user to a 404 page without helpful information and links is like casting your user adrift.
Quite a lot of people recommend redirecting your 404 page just to your homepage, sure you can do this but it’s for sure the laziest option. There is so much more you can do.
How to deal with this problem?  Well first of all monitor and analyze your error pages. E.g. on the table of crawl error pages of the Google Webmaster Toolsyou can easily see your error pages and incoming links to these pages.  And as so often – it bears repeating - A site's URL structure should be as simple as possible. And if you have a simple URL structure it’s no problem providing the user helpful links.
What you should do – first rule - Instead of just sa…

How to Make Better Decisions (BBC Documentary)

Our decisions are grounded on much more than we all too often think - generalization, laziness and prejudice, that’s what science proved.
This BBC’s Horizon documentary are presenting great examples of experiments that show how our choices can be distracted and be influenced by temperature, warped by post-rationalization and even manipulated by the future, BBC’s Horizon documentary presents a guide to better decision making, and introduces you to Mathematician Garth Sundem, who is convinced that conclusions can best be reached using simple maths and a pencil!

I pointed to this BBC’s documentary in an article ( ago, but I think it’s still worth to watch it – Especially if you haven’t watched it so far – or you never thought about the circumstances and tiny elements which might influence your thinking and decisions.


Part 1 of 5 - How to Make Better Decisions - BBC Horizon

Part 2 of 5 - How to Make Better Deci…

Catching somebody's eye and attention

Something what is mandatory communicating a message is ...
 ... getting attention
... holding  it.

One way getting attention is through surprise ...
 ... something unexpected,
 ... out of context,
 ... braking some rules.

When something is familiar there’s little reason to pay attention to it.
All the more if we talking about in-flight safety information - first of all it's uncool to listen and on the other hand we really think that we know everything in detail.
It’s unlikely to communicate something new to someone so the person can easily divert his attention elsewhere.
But if we can achieve it that something is unexpected, when it contains an element of surprise, not the same sermon we all heard again and again ,it draws our attention because there is something new and unknown in it that requires mental processing or just is braking rules and standards.
We have to breaking existing patterns, but in a way that reinforces the core of the message or idea.

The following safety …