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Shaping Future eCommerce

I get asked a lot and I discuss a lot about what the shopping experience of the future will look like.
The global retail and business landscape remains uncertain: Traditional retail and direct-to-consumer companies are under ongoing pressure. Online and mobile commerce are becoming critical components of today’s multichannel customer experience - whether the customer buys online or not.

Even if we talk about the next few years it’s not that easy to say how the e-commerce environment of the future will look like . On the one hand it will depend on the line of business and on the other hand it will vary from target group to target group – that means it will develop different in many ways and different speed.

In the course of my research and evolving efforts to apply user-centered design to interactive media and especially e-commerce, I see a number of areas that will be impacted rather sooner than expected by many.

Cross-touchpoint solutionsComplex customer relation managementChallengin…

Essential tips (checklist) for e-commerce

Launching or re-launching of an e-commerce store requires the execution and synchronization of a list of various tasks and interests: benchmarking, content strategy, information structure, informational didactics, target group research, SEO, CRM, CMS, payment requirements and back-end hosting … and the list goes on.

Designing an e-commerce store does not mean just to have something aesthetically pleasing at the end – yes it is more than supportive if your shop is visual pleasing – BUT more important is that your store is understandable and provide utility and usability – is easy to understand – easy to use – that the user can reach from the initial page, your homepage or a landing page, quick to the user’s aim and can complete his order in no time. The easier you create this flow – the more convenient the user experienced this work through your shop the more likely it is that he will come back and spread his positive experience with others by the social media channels.  Quality e-comm…