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End of Year Thoughts About UX and Simplicity

Knowledge and findings of users' needs and expectation are fruitless, all too often it's just proverbial misspent seed on an arid ground, unless the ground is receptive and willing to be put under the plough.
Every time we put our fingers on the keyboard, put pen to paper, we are either creating or destroying value for users and business.

UXD is a purpose-driven, user-focused, prototype-grounded process that should achieve success through collaboration of each participant of the process eventuate in reasonable simplicity.
It's a foolish to think that the user experience and design thinking can be owned by one or a few in the process-team - it's a result of common and shared thinking and doing by each team member.

Two pertinent articles :

UX design-planning isn't an one-man-show

Walk a while in someone else's shoes: Exploring the Role of C...s…

Touch Gesture Set for wireframes and mock-ups (more than 50 symbols)

When going through the various guidelines regarding the gestures, you can see and explore the different gestures that allow users to interact.

However, I like to mention one thing at the beginning, because I started to write parallel an article about „intuitive control“‚ more or less non of these gestures is intuitive – or do you think that the iPad's four-finger swipe up gesture, that shows you the bar with the most recently used apps, is self-explanatory?

OK back to our gestures – I provide you my symbol set of gestures and movements as download:
Free Gesture Icon Set (51Quality Icons)
Visio stencils / shapes (vss) download
Adobe Illustrator (ai) download
Photoshop (psd) download
It's all in all more than 50 symbols for your wireframes and mock-ups.

Quick summary of the gestures, descriptions and the supporting platforms ...

GUI GestureDescriptionPlatformTapQuick touch and remove
A tap is a single, brief touch on the screen within a 
bounded area and back up off the screen again.iP…

Women’s online shopping behavior

Oscar Wilde said once "Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood.".But as we all know UX is about understanding – understanding needs and behavior.

Women are the most complex consumers on the earth especially if we talk about fashion. They control roughly 70 to 75 % of the household spending, regarding on the region and country. And they do it all while juggling work, home and family life. Many – particularly moms – manage to shoehorn 27 hours of activities into the standard 24-hour day. And it should come as no surprise, then, that 40% shop online during work hours. (But don’t tell them I told you.) It’s for sure no secret that women love to shop. But the question is: where? 

Do they prefer a store­front / a offline shop to a virtual store / online shop?

40% of women overall          
35% of women at the age of 18 to 34 years
40% of women at the age of 35 years and older
... give neither offline nor online their preference 

30% of women overall          
30% of women at the …

Day Rate Calculation for Freelancer and small teams

As a senior professional I often hear questions like …
‘I am a new designer, IA, consultant, etc.  … and I need to know how much I can charge for my daily or hourly rate.  Should I just charge what others are charging? Is there a reliable approach or method calculating my rate? ‘ The interactive media business is a very competitive area to work in, and indeed very often clients (employer or agency) are trying to set the price.
The daily or hourly rate depends on various factors … General factors The market rateHoliday season (e.g. betweenChristmasandNewYear)Project factorsWhat kind of professional is required – Junior, Senior, Specialist, …What  experience are needed for the job Where is the job located – off-site or on-site – big cities like Paris, London, New York London pays higher hourly rates,For how long is the job or how frequent Does the client (agencies often do) claim working overtime hours (night and weekend work)Is an emergency or a speed job to be doneYour factorsHow experie…

Care about people (fellows) and u get the idea of live and business

Today I like to share my most most best-liked talk. I watch and listen to this talk when I am down and ask myself whether I act wrong or right - because I firmly believe that if u don't care about, think about, understand people, you don't understand live and business.

Simon Sinek tells about the significance of belief, trust, authenticity and meaning. Simon maintains that we are as people and companies, everything that we say and do is a sign of who we are and what we are and will become.
For myself it’s a mindset changing presentation – thx Simon so much !

What do u think?

Culture vs Behavior vs Language

This article is motivated by a post of Julia Moisand Egea

Since years I often thought about the interplay of user experience and expectation vs culture and all the influencing factors.
The world is full of different cultures and languages, even within America and Europe, and it's also different within single countries.
Culture is part of several external influences that impact us as human being, as team member and consumer.

Culture is a system of interdependent components like knowledge, belief, art, morals, custom, and any other capabilities and habits - but as I discover again and again also language.
Sometimes it's very obvious that language is an substantial element of culture. It should be realized that regional differences may be understated and not so obvious. For example, one word may mean one thing in one part of a country, but something naughty or rude in another.

But what I realize mor…

Sources of Creative and Design Thinking - Part 2

I do not know whether you know it, but I've written an article about creativity and posted a talk by John Cleese already two years ago.

Here is another great 36-minute speech by John Cleese (English actor and comedian - on the other hand I'm sure we all know him well ;-) about creativity. He mentions a couple interesting points: creativity is absolutely unrelated to intelligence and is more a way of operating than an ability.

Take time to watch it and enjoy.

He outlines several aspects / basic principles that you can arrange to make your work and being more creative.
I've been always a firm believer that we need space and time for creativity - space in each way of its meaning - we can’t become playful, and therefore creative, if we’re under our usual pressures. And it’s not enough to create space; you have to create your space for a specific period of time. We have to give our mind as long as…

Increased standards and statutory e-commerce regulations in Europe and Germany

The 'Button Solution' came into force on August the 1st - just a few days ago.

Germany has become the first country to enact a new EU law that is intended protecting online consumers against frauds and unexpected costs (undesired subscriptions, extra charges, delivery costs, etc.)
One big visible change will be the required, mandatory and accurately defined labeling ...

'Kaufen' = 'Buy''Zahlungspflichtig bestellen' = 'order with an obligation to pay''Zahlungspflichtigen Vertrag abschließen' = conclude a contract liable to pay

Other kinds of button labeling, like ...

'Weiter' = 'Next''Bestellung abgeben' = 'confirm an order' / 'place an order''jetzt bestellen' = 'Order now''Anmelden' = 'Registration'  (often used in case of subscriptions in Germany but also all over the world) 
will be not permitted in Germany up from the 1st of August 2012.

This strange 'Button La…

Vision of an AR future

I'd like to draw your attention to this short movie: 'Sight,' It's a vision of an AR (augmented reality) future - gorgeous, awesome and stunning - but also disconcerting, ludicrous and alarming Sight takes the promise of augmented reality down a decidedly dystopian path. Produced by a group of Israeli students.
There are so many various new approachs how we might or will interact with information and our enviroment in the future - Various devices, application and services will come up in the next few weeks, months and years.

If we have a look at one aspect of the ubiquitous technologies, the wearable-computing market - at things like Google’s Project Glass, Zephyr Technology and the Hug Shirt - they will be always on, always available, accessible and always present. And there are and will be much more omnipresent things in the future. They will influence and change the way how we live and progress of the social development.

Each new interface or medium is…

The ultimate conversion rate or ...

...  there is a world behind the buy-button
During the recent decades I have to deal with various forms and definitions of fulfillment of functions and conversion rates. And I heard from various representatives of clients, third party companies, team members and external sources what is the most important overriding factor and key factor to get the ultimate conversion rate (by the way an often used abbreviation is CR for conversion rate). Again and again quite a lot of marketers and experts get bogged down in details and in arguments over the most important fields of activity to improve conversion rates …
SEO - search engine optimization CRO - conversion rate optimization CRM – customer relation management UXD - user experience design Visual design – look and feel
… and other individual responsibilities.

Mostly when we think about conversion optimization, we are thinking and dealing within the confines of our own or another area of responsibility but again and again only within the ‘…