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Shopping Carts + Check-out ... ... ... ... ... There is often no big single problem, there are "just" a lot of little problems.

Quite a lot of my projects starts with the request ... Please improve our IA and UX - Improve navigation and homepage, and reduce the number of clicks required to access either product details, key content and the check-out. Well, being a holistic person and fanatic, or call me a nut of findability, utility and usability ... I made again and again the experience that clients often ask the wrong question - and it's our responsibility to find the real pain points. In cases of e-commerce clients it's from time to time not the solution to change the navigation and homepage - but these both topics are most mentioned by clients. Many clients view their responsibility from a top-down perspective - Can User find what they need from the homepage? Yes it's an important question, but this approach takes no notice of the fact that many visitors don't start from your homepage. Quite a lot of your customers will never visit your homepage. Efficient and high-perfomance search engines, s…