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Microsoft's vision for the upcoming years

I do not know whether you know it, but ... I intent to show my clients best and or new ways to improve their business and to spread their communication channels - There is so much more than PC, Mac and Laptop to use interactive services and applications ...

On YouTube I found this vision for a interactive future, this video is a treat for the eyes of each geek, nerd, futurist and every one who is keen to look beyond the standards.

... and in all these cases and stituations I consider about how our live and work as well as our convenience, productivity and efficiency will be influenced and improved by the up-and-coming appliance and devices as well by technology and possibilities in the years ahead.
Various enterprises and especially Microsoft has joined forces with collaborators, partners, customers, and leaders across multiple disciplines to develop scenarios that discover capacity, challenges, and powerful technologies. This technologies and opportunities might or will converge to …

Facebook's latest 'improvements'

I do not know whether you know it, but Facebook uncovered some major changes last week during their annual f8 conference. 
Facebook opened a next chapter of ‘improvements’ this week. A number of complete new apps will allow Facebook users to enter almost everything they do into the social network — where they are, what they do, what book they're reading and what page they're on or what street they just driving through or what you currently eat (how healthy or balanced your diet is) - that is not very new but the way is different and the options to track these information - more graduated, easier to track and to observe.

The biggest modification, at least that's what I'm hearing / noticed so far, is the introduction of the TIMELINE which will replace a user’s profile with a timeline of events from ‘their Facebook history’ (status updates, photos and all the other things said and done). 
Facebook has extensively worked as a kind of recommendation engine. Up to now we could…

Discussion - New direction for IAI

The Board of Directors discussed the new direction for IAI. Andrea Resmini, Dan Klyn, Dorian Taylor, and Jeff Parks met recently to share with the community upcoming changes to the IAI that will benefit members and the discipline of Information Architecture globally.
The first of what we hope to become a regular podcast by the IAI board of directors is up and available for download and streaming.

Time of Podcast: 17 minutes 42 seconds

and please visit the IAI site: news

Joy of use

I do not know whether you know it, but the best way to change people's behaviour is by making it joy to do it.
This means the product, application, service or or or is able to give exactly the right kind of service, pleasure and joy what the user is expecting from it. And it´s the joy of reaching my aims and the joy of doing so easily.
The information architecture is in charge of clarity of the information and features, lack of confusion, a short learning curve and the joy of finding.
The designing of the interaction is essential for a successful and overall satisfying experience. So the interaction design has to answer the questions of workflow, logic, clarity, and simplicity of the information.
Visual design is responsible for the clarity of the information and elements, simplicity of tools and features, pleasant or interesting appearance of the interface, the visual hierarchy, and the joy of look and feel.
Accessibility is a common term used to describe how easy it is for …

IA Summit 2011 in Denver Colorado

Two workshop days and then three days with great talks offered an opportunity to bring people together who are up to now not yet well acquainted with one another. IA and UX professionals could exchange insights and share perspectives for designing better experiences across all perspectives of the virtual information space. Something what rushed into my mind during the conference was: "Good UXwork and IAwork starts with honesty, asks tenacious maybe inconvenient questions, comes from collaboration and intensiv teamwork and from trusting your intuition." Thanks to the organisation team, all volunteers in the back and front, all contributor and each one whose hard work made it possible and by the way to all the great speakers, each attendant and for each great conversation I had - I am not sure whether I can attend next year.
Below you will find the presentations ordered by days : : - : : - : : - : : - : : - : : - : : - : : - : : - : : - : : - : : - : : - : : - : : - : : - : : - …

Shopping Carts + Check-out ... ... ... ... ... There is often no big single problem, there are "just" a lot of little problems.

Quite a lot of my projects starts with the request ... Please improve our IA and UX - Improve navigation and homepage, and reduce the number of clicks required to access either product details, key content and the check-out. Well, being a holistic person and fanatic, or call me a nut of findability, utility and usability ... I made again and again the experience that clients often ask the wrong question - and it's our responsibility to find the real pain points. In cases of e-commerce clients it's from time to time not the solution to change the navigation and homepage - but these both topics are most mentioned by clients. Many clients view their responsibility from a top-down perspective - Can User find what they need from the homepage? Yes it's an important question, but this approach takes no notice of the fact that many visitors don't start from your homepage. Quite a lot of your customers will never visit your homepage. Efficient and high-perfomance search engines, s…