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MS Surface at the new Hard Rock Cafe

The new Hard Rock Cafe on the Las Vegas Strip draws people with the usual attractions, but is also debuting some new Microsoft technology.

Visions - upcoming and current capabilities

I do not know whether you know it, but ... I intent to show my clients best and or new ways to improve their business and to spread their communication channels - There is so much more than PC, Mac and Laptop to use interactive services and applications ...

Quite a few of these features and function you’ll see in the videos are already possible to a certain degree.
If you’re interested - take a step into the future and explore how technology can improve the way you manage work and life - I'd like to help, support and to improve your business - because There is so much more than PC, Mac and Laptop to use interactive services and applications ...






WIKITUDE Drive - AR Navigation:

Touch screen from behind ...
... allows the user to use buttons without to cover the areas they like to use - that's the reason why I prefer qwertz-keyboards currently - the second reason is it doesn't reduce the interface by the keyboard

and wh…

POI and pedestrian navigation apps for the iPhone 3GS

Bionic Eye visualizes Points of Interest located in the nearby environment - currently only for New York and Chicago. It also offers a kind of pedestrian navigation by an "Augmented Reality" feature - but it's only usable by the iPhone 3GS - as far as I know.

POI databases include
Fast FoodRestaurantsCoffeesLeisureAccommodationSubway stations


and here is another one app for London:

Capacitive Touchscreens from Atmel - maXTouch

Atmel released its optimized, new maXTouch - a powerful, high-performance touchscreen solutions. maxTouch supports an unlimited number of unique simultaneous touches with a high video-quality screen refresh rate. It supports the development of full zoom, rotate, handwriting and shape recognition functionalities.
Take a look as I often said there is so much more than surface - I like surface but we all have to keep our mind open.
Video: Maxtouch - Werbevideo von Atmel (8:15)

New Search Opportunities

Microsoft released a new visual search feature for Bing that displays search results in a grid-like image gallery format instead of the standard text links.

The new visual search feature is one of several Microsoft plans to tack on to its engine in the upcoming months. Check out the above video demonstration for a look at it in action or just hit the link below to try out Visual Search for yourself.


Fast Flip is a new reading and search opportunity that brings together the best elements of print and online articles. Fast Flip allows you browsing sequentially through recent news, headlines and popular topics. As the name suggests, flipping through content is very fast, so you can quickly look through a lot of news until you find something interesting.
Fast Flip also personalizes the experience for you, depending on your choices you get more content from sources and topics that you seem to like.
Nice new Feature!