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Significance of UCD, IA and UE (User centered utility and usability)

I do not know whether you know it, but initial integration of UCD and Usability Engineering, Design and Planning into the development process of applications from web applications to software to GUIs of hardware and other devices will affect the business, project and efforts in many ways.
UCD is an approach developing interactive system that focuses particularly on developing systems with a high utility and excellent usability.
Each product, each business possesses explicit goals that we can and should achieve.
There are a lot of benefits …
… UCD and Usability can improve:
Development efforts Product and market qualities and revenue Quality of work and increased productivityOptimized return of investSatisfaction and loyalty of users, consumers and customersConversions of systems, processes and tasksEmployee productivity and efficiency (software, intranet and web apps)…
… UCD and Usability can decrease:
Frustration, disappointment and irritationsMaintenance costs of processes, applications an…

“criteria ” for UCD, UXD and UXP

There has been various debates in the past few months and years about setting up a precise and exact “criteria ” for UCD, UXD and UXP all around the user experience. Well – here is a quite good approximation, interesting article by Fred Beecher: Nine Essential Characteristics of Good UX Designers

Explain things in plain words and sketches

I really love these kinds of explanations. The real big benefit of giving form to a complex situations is to quickly supply the essence of the situation to those unfamiliar and uninitiated.

FIRST a nice little video about social media. I think it’s good for clients/customers also because this video comes in an unbranded "presentation style" ...

If you like to know more about these video or if you're looking for a custom video - visit:

SECOND a short and easy to understand story of the credit crisis:

If you like to get more information about this video and about the developers - please visit: BTW - you can watch the 1st and 2nd part in one video :-)

Words vs. Communication

I do not know whether you know it, but ...
everyone who knows me will know this sentence: "Words are unfit to communicate!"
Because words are just signs. They are just vehicles / carts to transport identities, values and meanings. But these characteristics aren't part of the word itself - because everyone of us has different experience and put this words into or out of different context, We have no fixed standards and interpretations to understand the word - Every person is different and has its very own typical unique interpretation and understanding.
There are always the sender and recipient. The sender has to code is thoughts, ideas and message into word and than the recipient will have to decode these words. And in best case both have the same "understanding" without any lack.
I always use the example "apple". If I say: "I bought an apple this morning!
What kind of apple was yours?
A green one? ... a red one? ... sweet? ... sour? ... Granny Smith…

My new mobile device? The HTC Hero?

HTC announces another Android handset, the HTC Hero

If you looking for a new smartphone, but felt that the HTC Dream and Magic didn't have the features you desired, the new Hero announced by HTC might just be the one for you.
What I like about the new HTC Hero ...
... is , according to HTC, "the first Android phone to ship with support for Adobe® Flash® Platform technology". What this means is that you can finally view most flash based content, such as streaming media, without the need for third-party applications.
... is , according to David Wadhwani, vice president and general manager, Platform Business Unit at Adobe, "the new HTC Hero represents a key milestone for Android and the Flash Platform. With close to 80 percent of all videos online delivered with Adobe Flash technology, consumers want to access rich Web content on-the-go."
... possesses the "Sense" GUI - Multitouch and two finger features
... possesses a Teflon coating and oleophobic surface


Book - Search User Interfaces

To make this book available to as many readers as possible, the author, with permission of Cambridge University Press, has placed the full text online free of charge. - - Search User Interfaces - -

"Search is an integral part of peoples' online lives; people turn to search engines for help with a wide range of needs and desires, from satisfying idle curiousity to finding life-saving health remedies, from learning about medieval art history to finding video game solutions and pop music lyrics. Web search engines are now the second most frequently used online computer application, after email. Not long ago, most software applications did not contain a search module. Today, search is fully integrated into operating systems and is viewed as an essential part of most information systems."

Or buy the book:

Understanding for and of social interacting, networking and computing

We all have our own vision and understanding of collaborative working in information “worlds”.
A vision that involves collaboration …
… between various persons and departments,
… around different aims, tasks and interests,
… linking different forms of content, functions and context,
… around various forms of information from documents to projects,
but in the perspective of a framework designed / planned to have a high regard for business and IT requirements. Particularly in the case of enterprise worlds it’s a powerful and often unexplored topic.

Aren’t there again and again discussions via e-mail or chats during a rest with valuable ideas and thoughts? I won’t take them away – I won’t record them – but wouldn’t it be great to share the ideas and the knowledge? Let us benefit from the bottom up creativity and potentials. We should encourage and push invention, creativity and development by the sharing of knowledge and information resources. We should all have a sense for the critical pock…