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Great speaker at the UXweek09 in Frisco this September

I am delighted to report that Dr. Temple Grandin will be a speaker at the UX Week 2009 September 15-18 in San Francisco.

Those people who know me, know me for being a practical person, not somebody up there in the clouds wishing further ideology to descend on businesses, but somebody who sees the real advantages for the persons in the improvement of interfaces, orientation systems and workplaces.
We have to know and we have to understand the people who should interact with our "world" - a world of information and function and so many individual circumstances and situations. - This world is growing rapidly - Sometimes I think too quick and sometimes too slow - but that's a different, another topic.
And by the way - And yes - Those who know me a little better, are aware of my psychological interest in behavior, cultures and so on of human being and animals -
My girl friend and I live together very closely with our animals: our dogs and horses live freely on our property. An…

Digital tables

I do not know whether you know it, but ...
Interactive tables, walls or windows or terminals are various opportunities to surf through information and product worlds.
Such interfaces like Microsoft Surface allow interested people and buyers to gather or configure their products in a fascinating way. BMW, Mercedes Benz, AT&T and the Deutsche Telekom are one the first manufacturers and service providers using this technology commercially.



MS Office Labs 2019:

If you have missed these blog posts ...
- Microsoft's "Home of the Future"
- Second generation Surface
...check it out!

How to show your ideas ...

I know - I know this is nothing really new - but ...
One of the best presentations I've ever seen!

I think it's / it was fucking awesome

Visit YouTube to watch the video in HD quality:

There is more than just Google - Spezify and Co.


I do not know whether you know it, but ...
There is more than just Google in the World Wide Web. It is hard to imagine that we forget Google and start our search with a new search engine. Maybe you’ve read my post about by Microsoft ( ).

Since a few days there is the beta version of Spezify available. Spezify is a new search engine with a unique graphical interface.
Spezify is a visual search engine that collects search results, arranges them on a virtual desktop.
It collects search results from different sources (Amazon, Yahoo, Twitter, eBay, …) in different media formats (e.g. images, text, video, Twitter messages, Flickr images, quotes, wikipedia articles, ...), arranges them on a desktop and allows one to drag it around as an large collage.
It’s an interesting approach – it’s not the Holy Grail but it has the potential to be “more”.

Wolfram Alpha took also a new step in Ssearch engine industr…

Design the missing link

A few days ago I read three interesting quotes:

The first one is by Antoine De Saint-Exupery:
“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

The second is by Peter Morville:
“The design of good houses requires an understanding of both the construction materials and the behavior of real humans.”

And the third is by Charles Eames:
“The details are not the details. They make the design.”

I know that every one of us heard the first sentence again and again during our live – but more often we fail – maybe it’s why because our client, the topic, the context or or or force us to do things we should do … or shouldn’t do.
During my years as an information architect and in the last few years as an experience planner, I’ve worked with lots of different development clients, agencies and teams. From big companies to small startups, the interactions between me, the one who is responsible for joy and success of use, and deve…

The form of forms … We need them, but also hate them

I do not know whether you thought about it, but ...
When I think about rich websites, applications and interfaces – Aren’t they all ought to make live easier? Easier, more supportive, comfortable – providing a maximum of convenience and joy.
Well – and then are these boring forms – I think none of us falls in love with forms – but we need them.
I believe forms have to make our lives easier, not more difficult, as well. As design team, and I really think of the whole team graphical designers, projectmanagers, developers, IAs, and and and, we can or we should make our users' lives less hard and less difficult, just easy and as simple as possible, by thinking about the way people interact with our app, providing clear direction, and then putting the trouble of sorting out the details in the hands of the computers—not the users.
We've all heard and read about big usability mistakes time and time again: "Don't use images or flash for navigation," "Avoid usin…

What the heck is the nature of UI design?

In this article I will offer an answer and then I will take a look at authority, power and weight of UXP on multimedia projects relating on the teams and how it could or should refer to for guidance in their work. I hope my answers to these questions will be helpful as well as provocative enough to drive some reactions and feedbacks from readers.
Is it just science, art or a business approach or is it a mixture / combination?
Is the major focus on science?Many developers adopt a scientific approach or perspective; they base their work and decisions from sciences such as cognitive knowledge, psychology and social sciences. Science allows making dependable conclusion and hypothesis. Out of my experience I have to say that such a lot of my decisions don’t found on traditional science a lot of them were based on "conventional wisdom" again and again. Science and knowledge of well-known and usual user behavior can tell designer quite a about UI design. But it can’t tell enough abou…

New search engine - by MS

I do not know whether you know it, but ...
In the last few years we have seen various search engines come and go. The last one I remember on is Cuil. Last year, Cuil made its way on the web. As with it goes rather with everything online, as soon as some kind of new service application or technology gets released, the initial spontaneous reaction from the community was to make the obvious comparisons between the new one and the familiar applications. Not only was Cuil not a Google killer, it could hardly compare with some of the second-tier search engines on the market. In the end, Cuil got a ton of great PR that only reinforced something most of us knew: Google was still a very strong search engine and very tough to beat. The other big (and obvious) players are MSN, Yahoo and and maybe perhaps AOL, for the still existing AOL followers and users. In the US and Canada, Yellow Pages and in Germany T-Mobile is also a very big mentionable player.

And we all recognized the several imp…

Project Natal - 2009 Microsoft - take a look

We’ve been hearing rumors about Microsoft’s plans to enter the Wiimote’s territory with a nunchuck, controllerrang or Power Glove-like paddle for ages now.

Take a look at Project Natal's current dashboard and user interface

We should remember that games are also often provide us the keys to new and different possibilities, projects and applications. This creates new technical requirements, which, once applied to new products, open up yet more opportunities.

Thoughts about good design and good business

I do not know whether you know it, but ...
Design is an approach for displaying and organizing arranging content and functions in such a way as best to make a specific idea real. One thing that media products and sports have in common is how many different abilities and proficiencies are required.
There are individual performing decathletes that have so pretty much abilities in just one single person. But to find a creative person with so deep and broad talents is hardly ever – but we often meet persons who tell us he is the new Daley Thompson or she is “Marie Collonvillé”.
But most inventions and creations are the result of work by many individual experts of different people. Last but not least there is no sport which is a one-man-show. There are always persons behind and beside. There are specific skilled team-players on the team needed.
They all have to work as one. I strongly believe in the sentence: “There is no I in the word team!” … and I also really believe there is no “I” in t…