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SoftwareOverview for IAs, UEs, XPs and other creative people ;-)

Arcturus Media Solutions Group has launched - An online source for information architecture, usability testing, user experience design, and prototyping software.

IAapps - Directory of Usability, Information Architecture, and User Experience Design Software -

This online resource provides a quite good overview to software that hopefully makes work easier, more effective and more enjoyable.
Now all that's missing are detailed comments, reviews, experiences and explanations of experts.

IA conference 2009 – Web Analytics and User Experience / WA + IA

I do not know whether you know it, but ...
we had a fantastic and informational weekend in Hamburg

During the whole weekend we had a great spirit - Motivated and inspired speakers and in the majority great talks have increased a general and competent and expert atmosphere.

One of the key speakers was Louis Rosenfeld ...
Lou made an outstanding speech..
He requested for web analysts and user experience people to work more closely together. The consequence would be solid basis for identifying the right design questions, and the power of surprise and vision brought to data.
On the one hand there are the web analysis people. Analysts are often considered to be left-brained and data-driven, unconcerned with the 'big picture', or with the possible benefits of the unexpected. And on the other hand there are “we” – I often here that UX people are just right-brained and unconcerned with anything outside the scope of our plans, wireframes and designs.
Lou Rosenfeld argues that this ought to ch…

Google reloaded! New search options

Google's Search options let you segment, filter and sort your search results, discover more and related things. You can generate different views of your results page to more easily and quickly find what you need.

Microsoft's "Home of the Future"

Every innovator has a vision for the home of the future and for Microsoft it involves being able to interact with your house through voice and touch. But how can technology firms still innovate during a global downturn?

Source: > Microsoft's Mundie on innovation

TED Talks Anand Agarawala presented BumpTop

TED Talks Anand Agarawala presented BumpTop, a user interface that takes the usual desktop metaphor to a glorious, 3-D extreme, transforming file navigation into a freewheeling playground of crumpled documents and clipping-covered walls. I know - I know it's not new - but it has become current again by the recent revision of the BumpTop - Current: 1.02 build 2859, April 17th 2009

Original URL

I greatly enjoyed the presentation and the interface, but found myself unconvinced, thinking, "Yes, it's fun… but would it improve computer usage? Would we work better, faster, more comfortably?… and significantly so?"
For example, though it's cute, I'm really struggling to think of a time when I would need to "bump" files, punting them off in random directions. Also, hanging things from the 3D "walls" isn't really a significant improvement: it's a 3D-effect on a 2D …

Second generation Surface coming

A second generation of Microsoft's Surface computing device is two to three years away, the South by SouthWest Festival has heard.
Read the whole story on BBC =

Presentation Editor - new and different


Prezi allows anyone who can sketch an idea on a napkin to create and perform stunning non-linear presentations with relations, zooming into details, and adjusting to the time left without the need to skip slides. You can create zooming maps of texts, images, videos, PDFs, drawings, and more.
It's a free online tool that calls itself the "zooming editor for stunning presentations."

Mobile Trends 2009

Fjord 09 Mobile TrendsView more presentations from Prashant Agarwal.
Interesting presentation by Prashant Agarwal
From the 'Android invasion' to the 'War for the world': Fjord presents 9 mobile trends for 09. This report focuses on technologies and behaviors that have been building up over the last few years and are going to break through to the mainstream in 2009.

Take-away version:
09_Fjord_trends_for_2009.pdf 2.53 MB

Interaction09 conference videos now online

Most of the talks of the Interaction09 conference, that took place this February in Vancouver, Canada, are now available online VIMEO

Jon Kolko - Design synthesis
Interaction design research activities produce an enormous quantity of raw data, which must be systematically and rigorously analyzed in order to extract meaning and insight. Unfortunately, these methods of analysis are poorly documented and rarely taught. As a result, raw design research data is inappropriately positioned as insight, and the value of research activities is marginalized. Interaction design synthesis methods can be taught, and when selectively applied, visual, diagrammatic synthesis techniques can be completed relatively quickly. This talk will introduce various methods of Synthesis as ways to translate research into meaningful insights.

Marc Rettig - How to change complicated stuff
In the midst of a global conversation about change, many designers are pondering their own impact in the world. How does our experie…

The Journal of Information Architecture Issue 1, Volume 1 is out

The Journal of Information Architecture inaugural Spring 2009 Issue, Issue 1, Volume 1, is now available online at

Table of Contents

Dorte Madsen
Editorial: Shall We Dance? Download Shall We Dance? in PDF format

Gianluca Brugnoli
Connecting the Dots of User Experience Download in PDF format

Helena Francke
Towards an Architectural Document Analysis PDF

Andrew Hinton
The Machineries of Context PDF

James Kalbach
On Uncertainty in Information Architecture PDF